Wire Products

Wire Products

Stainless thread in a Hygienic design

The hygiene program combines design and function with our strengths in the processing of stainless steel and round steel.

The products meet the healthcare industry’s high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Glove box holder in hygienic design
With glove box holders from JB Medico, you get an easy and hygienic order on your gloves.

Wire Products

The glove box holders give you a quick overview of whether the gloves are clean and can be reused and easy to access as they hang in an easily accessible way.

They are made of stainless steel AISI 304, which makes them both robust and extremely durable.

Our glove box holders can accommodate different sizes of boxes according to customer wishes and needs.

All products are made in a clean and hygienic design, and all meet the strict hygiene requirements of the hospitals.

Our wire baskets
The product range within our wire baskets ranges widely.
By default, we offer wire baskets for storing small items and conical baskets of various sizes (6 litres and 25 litres). In addition, we also manufacture curves according to customer wishes and needs

Adapted to:
1. Standard rails clamps with t-tracks
2. Carts
3. Wall bracket with T-track

Made of necessity – designed to last.


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