Accessories for sharps containers holders

Accessories for sharps containers holders

All sharps holders are manufactured and designed in Denmark and manufactured in sturdy stainless steel

Available in many different sizes and shapes
Safety: You have the option of setting up in different ways so that the box is securely seated without the risk of tipping.

Here you will find racks, establishes and supports to attach needle boxes on the wall rails, walls, columns, carts or tables.

JB-Medico’s Needle Box holders made stainless steel, is used in most Danish hospitals

All holders fit into the hospitals’ own systems, you can remove them without the need for tools, put them from the cart to the wall

Find the holder that fits you, round, square or oval, most are in stock and can be delivered quickly

Accessories Needle Box holders in 2018

Accessories for sharps containers holders

Made of necessity – designed to last.

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