EU DIN Standard 10x25mm

EU DIN Standard 10x25mm

Note: All of our rail clamps here fit only for (EU DIN STANDARD 10x25mm rails)

On the medical equipment rail, different types of hospital equipment are attached using clamps, which provides fast, secure and flexible attachment

There are several different standards of claws and the different variants are often incompatible with each other.

When designing and ordering it is important to know which system to use.

JB-Medico makes available several different variants

JB-Medico has also developed claws 10×25mm and 10×30 mm, which can handle most types of globes available on the market.

We offer the highest standards of hygiene, quality, functionality and safety for all healthcare professionals..

JB-Medico is known for delivering fast, and at a fair price, we develop with our customers, you guarantee that they function in the clinic and are customised Your systems,

JB Medico has been employed to make a difference in the industry in the interior design and advice of hygienic suspension solutions for the healthcare sector.

Made in hygienic design, ensuring that they are clean-friendly.

EU DIN Standard 10x25mm


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