IV-Stands / IV-Poles

IV-Stands / IV-Poles

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Our products are made of stainless steel – improved hygiene and disinfection conditions through smooth, electropolished surfaces

Effective infusion treatment for safe suspension of IV bottles and bags

Here we have collected all our products of:

IV-Stands / IV-Poles & Accessories

All our stands are CE marked


  • Outer an inner poles are provided with plastic stoppage (no risk of damage)
  • Adequate safety clearance in collapsed mode as a precautionary measure against safety (eg squeezing fingers)
  • Increased stability due to conical connection between stand and foot section
  • No risk of damage due to rounded bottleneck shape
  • Due to the geometry of hooks, the infusion bottles can’t fall out


  • All plastic parts are lightweight
  • Stainless steel pipes according to DIN EN 10217-7
  • Material ultrasound and vortex tested (according to EN 10246-9/3)
  • The integrated pull-out limiter prevents the adjustable pipes from being separated
  • Safety bottle crossing according to DIN ISO 15375
  • Good driving qualities through high quality 100mm mono rolls, 2 rolls are antistatic
  • The introduction of hygienically sensitive fluids is prevented by sealing cover
  • Enhanced bottle holder allows for the connection of 5 litre bottle
  • Enough safe distance in between both tubes once the pole reached its lowest height
  • An integrated base-weights facilitates a safer attachment of various pumps and other medical equipment
  • Integrated pull-out guard avoids separation of the adjustable tubes

90% of our products are developed exclusively in Denmark

 Made of necessity – designed to hold.


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