Instrument and Mayo Tables

Instrument and Mayo Tables

JB-Medico instrument tables, specially designed to simplify work in the operating room.

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Instrument and Mayo tables

A higher level of quality and efficiency create higher demands on medical personnel and equipment. In spite of new technology, some work still overwhelms today´s medical staff. JB Medico s  products provide more straightforward and more effective solutions for work in operating theatres and central sterilisation departments.

The height can easily adjust by pressing the buttons under the tabletop.

Electric height adjustable instrument tables

The height control can be operated through the sterile cover without affecting sterility.

The height can adjust without having to move the table away from the operating table.

The height adjustment is performed using a closed low-voltage engine/battery system.

The table is virtually maintenance-free; the device only requires weekly recharging.

The table top made of stainless steel with high edges on the work surface.

The base and column made of stainless steel.

Our tables are available in many different sizes and for different purposes.

Everyone is with Linak Battery and Actuator!

The height of the tables can easily adjust by pressing buttons located under the tabletop.

  1. Instrument table
  2. Mayo table
  3. Arm table

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