Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet Paper Holder
Located close to the user and possibly. On the armrest.
Recommended to be hung about 80 cm above the floor.

How to Choose a Commercial Toilet Paper Holder

Dispensing: Roll holders are the most common choice for now in commercial washrooms.

Interleaved toilet tissue (multi-flat or bulk pack paper) can reduce paper waste and avoid bacteria transfer, so it looks advisable for hospitals and schools.

Like a model in between, centre feed toilet paper dispensers cut the roll in sheets, only allowing to pull and touch the tissue that is going to use.

  • The quantity of paper: a jumbo toilet roll has almost 5 times more paper than a standard roll. One can find up to three different sizes of jumbo toilet roll dispensers depending on the roll size they accept mini jumbo (220-250mm roll diameter), midi jumbo (250-270mm) or maxi jumbo (290-330mm).
  • Core: standard and jumbo types have cardboard rolls, but there are as well cored or corematic rolls which gain space and, therefore, dispense more paper.
  • Number of dispensing points
    • Single
    • Double, dual or twin
    • Triple
    • Multirole

    Toilet Paper Holder

  • Mounting and dimensions
    • Fixed to the wall: attached to the surface or recessed, most of them come with concealed fixings.
    • Screwless alternatives:
      • Freestanding toilet roll holder on the floor.
      • Self-adhesive: in restrooms with low traffic, toilet roll holders can just be stuck to the wall.
      • Hanging from an object, for example from a grab rail.


    • Usually, their shapes are square or round (roll), both generally enclosed.
    • With lid: single toilet roll holders may have a hood to ease dispensing and to control paper waste.


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