Toilet Brush Holder

Toilet Brush Holder

Our Toilet Brush Holder is a good example of what JB Medico’s customer driven product development is all about!

Keep the floor clean for cleaning, and wash the floor quickly and efficiently around the restrooms …. it was the task of one of our hospital customers

The holder can be easily routinely removed and cleaned in the dishwasher / decontamination.

The material must be made in clean and lightweight material. Therefore, aluminum was chosen

Surface treatment: Natural color

Wall hung toilet brush holder is functional and hygienic. The holder fits most types of toilet brushes with plastic bowl.

JB-Medico is known for delivering fast and at a fair price, we develop with our customers, it is your guarantee that they actually function in the clinic and are customized Your own systems,

JB Medico has been employed to make a difference in the industry in the interior design and advice of hygienic suspension solutions for the healthcare sector.

Made in hygienic design, ensuring that they are clean-friendly.
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