One-Time Towels Dispenser

One-Time Towels Dispenser

Recommended to be placed over the wastebasket
in height approx. 120 cm above the floor.

One-Time Towels Dispenser

At JB-Medico we have a wide range of dispensers for towel sheets.
We have them in metal and plastic.

Some suit all types of towel sheets, while others adapted to certain kinds of towel sheets. Some are transparent and some have a transparent piece so you can keep an eye on how much is left in them. Dispenser for towel sheet, super easy to use and suitable for public toilets. You often see dispensers on public restrooms that hanging dispensers for bath soap, toilet paper and towel sheets.

Often used as it is easy for the employees to replace and suitable for use.
It’s rare to see it in private homes, as there are few users of it, making it more difficult to have.

However, it may be good to have a private home. It increases the hygiene of those who use it, which can be extremely positive. However, it’s easy to look wrong, but our large selection allows you to quickly find a design that fits your needs without being too big.

Made of necessity – designed to last.

We hope you can enjoy our products


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