Hospital Bathroom Equipment & Fixtures

Hospital Bathroom Equipment & Fixtures

JB Medico produces and distributes many quality products for restrooms and bathrooms in hospitals and the care sector.

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Wastebasket: Wall-mounted wastebasket is placed under disposable towels in height approx. 60 cm above the floor.

One-time towels dispenser: Recommended to be placed over the wastebasket
in height approx. 120 cm above the floor.

Glovebox suspension: Wall hung between toilet and hand basin. Placement height depends on how many glove types should stand on top of each other.

Hooks: Hand towels are placed by hand basin and near the shower. The sink, toilet and shower place hooks for droppers (under 1 cm in diameter). For hygienic reasons, the hanger must only use for temporary suspension. The hooks can help the drop racks not be necessary for the toilet/bathroom.

Alcohol dispenser: Wall-mounted washbasin at 110 cm from the floor. Place over the sink or drip tray to prevent drip on the floor. Appearance must be different from soap dispenser. Possibly. Extra alcohol dispenser at the toilet.

Soap dispenser: Wall hung by handbasin 110 cm from the floor. Place over the sink or dripping tray to prevent drip on the floor. Appearance should be different from alcohol dispenser.

Toilet paper holder: Located close to the user and possibly. On the armrest. Recommended to be hung about 80 cm above the floor.

Toilet brush holder: Recommended to be wall hung as little equipment on the floor as possible

JB Medico products for toilet-bathroom equipment & fixtures attached

bedroom “contributes to an excellent patient toilet/bathroom for patients focused on well-being, safety, working environment and hygiene.

Hospital Bathroom Equipment & Fixtures


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