Dispenser for Surgical Masks

Dispenser for Surgical Masks

Made of stainless steel that can withstand autoclaving and takes 90% of all Surgical Masks box sizes!

All Our holders made of stainless steel

Most holders are designed to fit the hospitals’ fittings.

Dispenser for Surgical Masks

The masks are always in the right place

Easy to clean and refill


The masks  protected from falling particles

Hygienic (made of stainless steel)

Help keep your masks up to date

The choice of the surgical mask makes a difference.

De reason for wearing a surgical mask is to avoid bacterial infection in both patients and

The dispenser can withstand wiping with alcoholic products such as hospital sprays.

Fits the hospital’s own wall brackets and clay jaws with T-tracks

The dispenser fits most medical face masks

JB-Medico is known for delivering fast, and at a fair price, we develop with our customers, you guarantee that they function in the clinic, customised to Your systems, JB Medico has been employed to make a difference in the industry in the interior design and advice of hygienic suspension solutions for the healthcare sector.

JB Medico focus areas are, therefore: Delivery time/security, quality, design, function and flexibility.

The cooperation with our excellent local suppliers ensures that we can live up to our high-quality standards.

JB Medico is the first healthcare company in Europe to develop and produce “Ergonomic IT” in stainless steel.

90% of our products are developed exclusively in Denmark


If you would like advice or want to hear more about our hospital equipment you are welcome:

To call phone +45 7020 5826 or send us an email at info@jbmedico.com

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