Hygienic dispenser solution, as products packaged hygienically, so bacterial growth  avoided, and the dispenser has elbow service

Dispensers are easy to install, operate, clean and refill

Environmental solution,

Soap & alcohol dispensers: the optimal solution for several industries, such as hospitals, nursing homes, foodstuffs, agriculture, dental clinics and others.

Hand disinfection and hand spray are essential for good hygiene.

Especially in public places where there are many people, such as restaurants, hotels, libraries, etc.

Our dispensers can be modified to suit the needs of the healthcare industry

Dispenser for Refill

Fits rail clamps with T-track

Wall bracket with T-track

You need to concentrate on what you are best at – for your work. That is why we tailor a complete concept that suits your cleaning needs. You save not only money but also time.

It’s not just about which dispensers you buy, but the way you do it.

You save both time and money on your dispensers when you collect all your purchases somewhere.
Soap & Alcohol Dispensers for Refill

It should be easy for you to have everyday life and we’re never more than a phone call or a click away when you need help.

JB Medico focus areas are, therefore: Delivery time/security, quality, design, function and flexibility.

Made of necessity – designed to last

We hope you can enjoy our products


Call phone +45 7020 5826 or send us an email at info@jbmedico.com

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