Alcohol, Soap Dispenser & Drip Trays

Alcohol, Soap Dispenser & Drip Trays

Dispenser for refill

Dispenser for soap and alcohol

The dispenser are easy to install, operate, clean and refill

Hygienic dispenser solution that can be operated with the elbow. The product is packaged hygienically so bacterial growth is avoided.

Solutions ensuring a safe and sound working environment.

Our dispensers are available in various sizes and designs and can be made to fit one or more products, thus simplifying the appropriate choice of products customised to your needs.

Dispensers are easily cleaned and used with airtight bottle, bag and bag-in-box packages, limiting both bacteria growth and waste.

The use of these systems is quite economical, user friendly and easy to refill, and they comply with strict regulatory hygiene requirements.

All our dispenser can be attached to the hospitals own systems JB Medico has developed the adapter brackets that allow you to move around the dispensers without tools.

There is an increasing demand for improved hygiene therefore the system is removable for easy cleaning.

The dispenser fits with
Brackets with T-slot
Wall bracket

 Made of necessity – designed to last

 We hope you can enjoy our products


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