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All our dealers have the same goals as JB Medico that is why they are chosen to negotiate JB Medico’s products

IV-Poles Glove Box Holder, Flat Screen Arm & Sliding Clamps

Hospital equipment manufactured in Denmark by skilled smiths/machine workers.

JB-Medico is known for delivering fast, and at a fair price, we develop with
our customers, you guarantee that they work in the clinic and
are customised your systems.

JB Medico has strived to make a difference in the industry in the design and advisory services of hygienic suspension solutions to the healthcare sector.

Our focus areas are, therefore:  Delivery time/Security, Quality, Design, Function and Flexibility.

Our vision is to develop improved hygiene and working environments for hospitals, laboratories, educational institutions and clinics.

The partnership with our excellent local manufacturers ensures that we can live up to our high-quality standards.

JB Medico is the first healthcare company in Europe to develop and produce “Ergonomic IT” in stainless steel.

90% of our products are being designed exclusively in Denmark.

Sliding Clamps

Bedside rails

Sharpsafe holder in stainless steel

We offer the highest standards of hygiene, quality, functionality and safety
for all health professionals.

Our mission

Together with leading specialists, we ensure our customers the most qualitative, hygienic and flexible product programs for working environments in hospitals etc.

Made of necessity – designed to last – We hope you can enjoy our products